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Do you desire a horse that is calm, connected and confident? Through the foundation of developing a “C3 Horse™”, Dawn does her best to ensure that each and every horse and rider team receive the focus, help and feedback they need to make real progress towards their goals and dreams. All levels and styles are welcome, only prerequisite is the desire to learn and progress…… 

Developing Your C3 Horse™

The C3 Horse Training™ model is based on a 4 pillar system of progression work on the ground, in-hand work, at liberty and under saddle. All 4 areas are dovetailed to one another, thus helping to create a safe, fun and nurturing environment that allows for the freedom of learning and experimenting to create a partnership based training program.

On the Ground
Horsemanship Groundwork focuses on communication and respect to develop softness, lightness and a true bond with your horse from the ground. Developing ways for your horse to let go of brace and tension, and awareness of when to release to enable them to become a super learner is pivotal. In sessions you will learn the responsibilities for horse and rider, and the sequence necessary for progression. Horsemanship principles for yields, release from pressure, following a feel and acceptance of leadership. This can set you up to become more confident, and to understand the skills necessary to prepare for your choice of riding discipline. The better things are on the ground, the more time can be spent in the saddle utilizing the same principles from the horse’s back to achieve lightness.

In-Hand Work
Classical In-Hand Work is fast becoming a lost art. This work can be both beneficial and rewarding. When done correctly it allows the horse to move into a soft contact, softens the shoulders, engages the thoracic sling to lift the withers and starts the process of weight transference to the hind legs. This work is a great way of helping a young horse accept the bit and how to respond to it, and also very useful to re-educate an older horse who perhaps did not receive that education, or who needs re-sensitizing after being accustomed to riding with continual pressure on the rein. It is very helpful for developing the sensitivity of the rider’s hands, and for promoting timing, coordination and feel. Most of the movements can be done under saddle and serve as a great way to introduce and improve the lateral work, and by doing so improve the horse’s musculature, suppleness and posture.

At Liberty
Liberty the true test of relationship and strength of bond between horse and human. When you remove all the equipment what you are left with is the truth. Liberty allows us to explore boundaries, receive feedback and create playfulness with our horses.

Under Saddle
Classical Riding is the art of riding in harmony with, rather than against the horse. It works without fear or force and most definitely without gadgets. It is working with and never against the horse. It’s opening the lines of communication between horse and rider, listening to horse, of being aware of every move you make means something to the horse, of first being able to ask yourself, “What did I do that caused the horse to do that?” when you did not get the response you were looking for. Focus is with riding the horse from your seat first then legs into the hands. Emphasis is placed on you, the rider, to learn about your own body and how even slight variations in the way you hold yourself affect the way the horse moves beneath you. When you as a rider have this awareness and knowledge you are set up to excel in any riding discipline of your choice.

Virtual Lessons, Coaching & Goal Setting

This is an opportunity to receive support long distance to help you stay on track and continue to work on your goals without actually taking a riding lesson. Maybe you would like a coaching phone call to discuss how you are doing, and gain valuable insights. Lesson plans are customized to your desires (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

Or take a ‘leap’ into video, no matter your riding style. This format allows you to gain insights and make progress regardless of your location and ability to travel/trailer. I will provide feedback as we both watch the video together, pausing as needed. And we can together discuss your goals, and a plan on how to move forward.

In addition, video is a convenient and easy way to get feedback on your progress. Capture some of your partnership moments on video send them via YouTube Link or mail a DVD with your check. Video clips can be up to 15 minutes in duration. (DVDs will not be returned)

Cost: $40/hr per phone consultation

“Balance Rider” & Longe Line Lessons

Sessions take a different approach to increase your balance, feel and timing. One option is through using “The Balance Rider” and Dawn’s guidance to improve your seat and balance. The second option is participating in a longe line lesson on your horse so that you can really focus on your seat and balance. Dawn will guide you through a variety of exercises and will guide your horse so you can focus on balance and feel. Experiment and bring your awareness and understanding to a whole new level to improve your riding.

Massage & Bodywork Sessions

C3 Horse Bodywork™ sessions provide progressive and specialized services for your horse to relieve tight muscles, enhance relaxation and improve performance. Each session is customized for your horse using a combination of modalities to achieve the best results. Total body assessments, red light therapy, trigger point release protocols, tendon/ligament work and essential oils. These sessions can be added to the beginning and/or end of your lesson. (Pre/Post Workout)

Lesson & Bodywork Rate on Willow Pond Road (Dawn’s Farm)

Rate $60/hr

Monthly Package of 4 Lessons/Bodywork (4 Hours) – $200 – Use as you like through the month, mix and match, combine, no rollover hours, no refunds, payment due at beginning of month to be used.

Workshops, Clinics, Intensive Study Events – Rates $35 and up

On the Road Rates:

Private Lesson/Bodywork $75/hr*

Semi-Private Lesson $45/hr per person*

Group Lesson/Workshop for 3 or more people – 2-3 hour session $100/person*

Contact C3HorseWorks@gmail.com to discuss options, pricing, hosting, and participation incentives and opportunities.

*Duration of a lesson/bodywork session is based upon travel distance for Dawn to absorb travel fees.