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 I was in love with horses by the age of six, and did anything I could to be around them, despite growing up in a large city. When my family finally moved to the country, I bought my first horse out of a newspaper ad—sight unseen and delivered to my backyard—and learned to ride by trial and error.

I embraced United States Pony Club and 4H, and spent every day absorbing as much as I could. By 14 I was a work-study student at Dornhof Farm in Shaftsbury VT, where they specialized in 3-Day Eventing, and importing show horses from Holland and Germany. Through the auspices of Dornhof Farm, I traveled to Germany and Holland and worked at a sale barn during my 17th summer.

Eventing led to my love, or should I say obsession, with Dressage. I purchased Beaujolais, a 2-year old Clydesdale Thoroughbred cross gelding in 1992. We worked with Jenny Meyers of Meygas Farm in Salem, NY to give him a strong foundation of French Classical Dressage. Over the years Beau and I competed in Training and First Level recognized Dressage Shows on the East Coast.

After moving to North Carolina in 1997, I purchased Lord Chancellor, a Hanovarian Percheron Thoroughbred cross gelding. At 5-years old, Lordy had a light start under saddle. For the next nine years, we progressed through the levels to ultimately compete at Fourth Level, while working with a number of the top Dressage trainers.

And then in 2005, a good friend Nicole invited me to attend a Natural Horsemanship event in Fletcher, NC. I remember telling her, “I do not need ‘circus’ tricks.” I had seen just a snapshot of Parelli Natural Horsemanship with balls and barrels and was not interested. But she persisted.

From Day One I was hooked! I remember watching Pat and Linda Parelli play at liberty with their horses Remmer and Casper. When Pat said “If you want the truth then take everything off your horse and what you are left with is just that…. the truth”. This statement hit me hard. I knew I loved my horse but I also knew that if I took everything off him in a wide open place he would not chose to stay with me. He would leave.

It was that moment that changed my journey from a ‘normal’ horse person to a more ‘natural’ one. I left the weekend with a home study course in a box, and my plan to blend normal and natural horsemanship together.

I began to incorporate some natural horsemanship strategies into our training as Lordy and I continued to compete very successfully. However, in late 2006 Lordy suffered a severe colic attack that required emergency surgery. I remember the day like it was yesterday. And during that time I reflected back. I realized maybe my hardcore training schedule had become too stressful for him. With what I know today he did give me signs, I just didn’t know to look for them.

After a short time off, my wonderful daughter Emma Rose was born in 2008.  And later that year I restarted my natural horsemanship focus, and became immersed in the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program. I attended the very first Fast Track 4-week course at the Parelli Center in Florida and after an intense 4 weeks, I was honored to receive a scholarship to enter the Instructor Program. I continued my studies at the Parelli Center in Pagosa Springs Colorado, and back and forth to Florida and Colorado, where in 2012 I earned my 3-Star Parelli Professional Instructor rating. I also had the privilege to study directly with Linda Parelli.

As my professional relationship with Parelli Natural Horsemanship was complete in 2016, I now enjoy blending numerous forms of horsemanship studies together to create a unique approach to enhancing relationship, communication and riding performance. I feel strongly there is something to learn from everyone as long as you keep your principles in check.

Over the years I have been blending all that I have learned and I have been experiencing amazing results for both horses and people. During this journey the creation of the “C3 Horse ™” was born and the sequential training program it represents on the ground, in-hand, at liberty and in the saddle. Thus helping to create a safe, fun and nurturing environment that allows for the freedom of learning and experimenting to create a partnership based training program. In addition, after years decades of practicing as a Registered Nurse and Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, I value and believe in setting the horse up for success through good body mechanics and nutrition. As a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist, I find it helpful to address the horse’s tight muscles and offer trigger point releases to optimize performance, improve relaxation and release endorphins. Combining C3 Horse Training & C3 Horse Bodywork will help you develop the equine partner to the next level and beyond. I would be honored to be part of that journey.

Currently, I live on a small private farm in the Lake Wylie area of South Carolina (on the North Carolina/South Carolina border) called Kneadful Balance Farm, with my husband and daughter. I enjoy all breeds of horses and helping each one of them become a C3 Horse.

My current partner is a 2015 Warmblood cross mare named Sabrina, as she was a Halloween baby! We are enjoying the journey each day developing her to be a C3 Horse™ in everything we do.

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