Lordy & Dawn - Dressage Competition

Lordy & Dawn - Galloping Fun!

Lordy & Dawn - Liberty Fun in Round Pen

Creating Stretch....Naturally

Lordy stretching for connection

© Equestrian Images

© Equestrian Images

Strengthen the relationship with your horse,

and enhance your riding performance.


Do you desire your horse to be calm, responsive, cooperative and eager during your ride? Dawn teaches a dynamic program dovetailing dressage classical riding, in-hand work and horsemanship principles. Dressagemanship™ is a solid approach to a framework built on communication, relationship and motivation to achieve balance of mind and body.

What will I learn in sessions with Dawn?

  • Understand what it means to be a good leader and partner for your horse
  • Feel more confident yourself and have less fear when riding
  • Learn the importance of having the best intention with a sense of humor
  • Learn to develop a horse that is calm, responsive, connected and eager
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how your horse thinks and learns
  • Enhance relaxation in your horse’s body
  • Learn how to create more flexion, softness and lightness in your horse
  • Develop greater communication to enhance understanding for progress
  • Use your time more effectively to it takes less time to achieve results
  • Understand what to do when your horse is presented with things he is scared of or does not like
  • Reduce general spookiness in your horse
  • Learn the mindset of a true horseman where horsemanship is an art form
  • Learn how to use every opportunities to make impactful changes in your horse’s behavior
  • Have a horse that is present in his mind for your sessions together
  • Learn to master your intention and body language
  • Learn how to prepare your horse for shows and other stressful environments
  • How to load your horse in the trailer by yourself