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Lordy & Dawn - Dressage Competition

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Lordy & Dawn - Galloping Fun!

Lordy & Dawn - Liberty Fun in Round Pen

Strengthen the relationship with your horse,

and enhance your riding performance.


Whether you ride Dressage, adhere to the principles of Natural Horsemanship, or are just starting to ride, I can help you with your journey. My passion is teaching you how to transform your relationship with your horse. And have fun doing it! You are never too young or too old to learn.


Lessons focus on riding or groundwork, or any combination. If Dressage and progressing through the levels is your passion, I can help you, always putting the relationship first. I have my USDF Bronze Medal and have studied with some of the best dressage trainers in the country.


Are you interested in learning to ride bridleless or disciplines with minimal to no rein contact? What about jumping? Or trail riding? I help you understand the “why” behind each task, always keeping the relationship with your horse our first priority.


Is your passion the art of Natural Horsemanship? Develop your online ground horsemanship skills, using ropes of varying lengths to progress your communication. Or be completely free of ropes and discover “the truth” about your partnership at Liberty, as I did many years ago when I began my journey from ‘normal’ to ‘natural’.


In my past: Pony Club, 4H, Eventing, Jumping, Dressage—competing regionally and nationally. And then I found Natural Horsemanship, and learned how important it is to build a strong bond—a relationship with your horse—to be able to enhance whatever type of riding you want to do.


Have you noticed how many times I have mentioned putting the relationship first? When you have a strong partnership with your horse, they want to do what you ask!